Application Scenerio

Social Network
By converting short audio messages (< 1 min.) to texts, communication on social network becomes more accurate and convenient.
Games and Recreation
Audio files converted into text messages in games greatly improved users' experience while operating.
Voice Search
ASR allows users to easily and efficiently search the web and access GPS navigation or other services with just their voice.
Human-Machine Interaction
ASR integrates a voice wakeup service so that voice commands sent to terminals initiate operations in real time, improving the interaction between people and machines.


New User Package
New User Package open to enterprises & individuals
Service calls
Valid Period
1 year
Virtual Private Cloud
VPC enables you to use iFLYTEK resources in your own VPC.
Concurrent numbers


1. How many languages are currently supported for Short Form ASR?

Supported Languages: Chinese, English, Malay, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Bulgarian, French, German, Arabian, etc.

Supported Dialects: Cantonese and Hokkien.

Note: For more supported languages, please feel free to contact us for free trial.

2. What's the difference between dynamic correction enabled or not enabled?

Dynamic correction not enabled: the recognition result is returned in real time, and the result returned each time is an addition to the previous result;

Dynamic correction enabled: real-time return of the recognition result, the result returned each time may be an addition to the previous result, or it may be a correction of a previous return;

Note : When Dynamic correction is enabled, the returned results have smaller granularity and better visual impact; currently the dynamic correction feature is only supported in Chinese.

3.     How many concurrent channels does the Short Form ASR WebAPI support?

WebAPI is a server-side solution that has no limit regarding platforms or languages, and it supports 5 concurrent channels by default. If there is a business need to increase the number of concurrent channels, please contact our sales team.

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