1. What is Subtitling service?

Subtitling service combines our cutting-edge Speech to Text、Machine Translation, and Machine Learning technologies. Automatically generate SRT subtitles for videos uploaded by users.

2. How do I get started with SubtitleSaaS?

Simply sign up for an account, upload your video, and claim your free usage to start. No special software installation is required.

3. What kind of subtitle format will be generated?

The service generates a subtitle file in SRT format (default encoding UTF-8 BOM) with precise timestamps, which can be imported into mainstream video editing software. Currently, we do not provide subtitle suppression services. You can edit and proofread the generated subtitle file. Use a subtitle suppression tool to suppress subtitles on the video;

4. What languages are supported for subtitles?

Currently, we support 7 languages for subtitles:Chinese, English, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, French, Arabic.The translation only supports translation between the above 7 languages and Chinese and translation between some languages and English.Please select the language of the source video carefully. Wrong language selection cannot be detected before uploading, and the language cannot be changed after uploading.

5. Which video format user should upload?

Standard video formats such as mp4, mkv, mov, m4v, and 3gp are supported.

6. Is there a cost to using Subtitling service?

We offers a free usage allocation of 10 hours upon registration, allowing users to explore the platform at no cost. The validity of the free trial duration is 3 months. Please use it as soon as possible. Currently, we do not support online payment, if you need more usage, please submit the request to contact our team.

7 .How long does it take to generate subtitles for a video?

The time required for subtitle generation depends on the video's length and complexity. SubtitleSaaS typically generates subtitles quickly, and you can monitor the progress in real time. 

8. Is my data and content secure on Subtitling service?

We take data security seriously. SubtitleSaaS employs robust security measures to protect your content and data. Your files are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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