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Leading Technology in Pronunciation Assessment Industry.

Technology Authorized by China's State Language Commission.

Application in Diversified Scenarios.

Application in Chinese Mandarin Level Test, College English Test Band 4 & Band 6 and Spoken English test in NCEE( Gaokao) and SHSEE ( Zhongkao)

Automatic Grading with Multiple Dimensions.

Covering both Chinese and English pronunciation assessment, with dimensions of fluency, accuracy and integrity

Easy-to-Use API.

Standardized API encapsulation greatly reduces the R&D cost

Application Scenarios
  • Language Tests
    • Spoken English Test in National College Entrance Examination (Gaokao)
    • Spoken English Test in Senior High Entrance Examination (Zhongkao)
    • Chinese Mandarin Level Test
    • College English Test Band 4 & Band 6
  • Teaching Aids

    Improve teachers' working efficiency by assisting teachers in evaluating students' English/ Chinese pronunciation.

Our Clients
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