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A.I. for Predictive Future
Time End: 2020-08-13
Organizer: True Digital Park,Sunway ilabs,Innovation Factory
Application Closed
¥270,000 Watch for Replay
  • Project Background
  • FAQ
  • Project Background

    Project Background

    Adapting to the changing behaviors brought about by COVID-19 means re-thinking the way we work, shop, and do business. Since an AI can read and synthesize vast data sets much faster than we can, it's being used to predict all kinds of things and applied in various fields including healthcare, finance, education, entertainment, etc. The big projects that you think are impossible today are actually possible in the near future.

    Project Mission

    AI enables machines to learn, think and act like humans. AI uses data, servers and algorithms to train machines for specific actions such as recognizing objects, reasoning, problem solving, planning, and perception. How to use AI as a part to build a software or a system that benefits us in the near future?

    Match Rules

    1. The Preliminary

    iFLYTEK's Technical experts will conduct comprehensive scoring, and choose eight teams enter into the next semi-finals Match.

    Scoring criteria:

    • Feasibility (20 points)

    Theoretical realizability, resource cost and dependence on external resources (such as server) of the solution to the problem;

    • Functional completeness (30 points)

    Comprehensive thinking, no lack of function, solutions should be provided at least for the major function;

    • Innovation (20 points)

    Different from the existing products on the market, new ideas, innovative perspectives, unique solutions are welcomed;

    • Business Value (10 points)

    Have good business prospects and be able to create market benefits;

    • Marketing Strategy (10 points)

    Clear strategy of operation model, profit model and development plan;

    • Application Prospect (10)

    Application should be able to tackle real problems with great focus in the society.

    2. Semi-Finals Match

    All 8 teams will have demo day, and top 3 will be selected into the final step. During this part, judges will give scores depending on the following criteria:

    ·Project Concept (30)

    · Technical Level(30)

    · Creative Thinking (20)

    · Startup Members Background (20)

    3. Final

    Match Rules:

    a. The top three teams in the city semi-finals gathered in Hefei, Anhui, and competed in the finals during the Global 1024 Developers Festival.

    b. The participating team must present to the audience and the judges on the spot, and make a demonstration with slides.

    c. The judges are product and technical experts invited by the organizer;

    d. The judges will score teams according to the above scoring criteria. The final score of the participant will be the average number of other points except one highest mark and one lowest mark.

    e. The top three teams will be decided based on the final score.

    Scoring criteria:

    • Feasibility (40 points)

    Perfect functions, smooth interaction, good on-site demonstration effects, clear business model / market strategy, promising application scenarios with highlight functions;

    • Technical skills (30 points)

    Deep application of AI technology with exceptional developing skills. Innovation, application and reasonable system design of product will also be considered.

    • On-site demonstration (30 points)

    After on-site demonstration was completed, there will be a question and answer session between participating teams and the judges.

    Requirements for submission

    The Preliminary

    ◆ Project Plan (Project Title [team name + product name])

    Specific Requirements:

    • a. Content
    1. Title of the Project: Title of the submitted work

    2. Project Function List: Explain the basic functions, product features, core advantages, etc. of the planned project

    3. Applicable Scenarios: In what scenarios, describe the core problem to be solved (user pain points)

    4. Feasibility Statement: which technologies, product technical architecture, creative innovation, etc. are planned to be adopted

    5. Product Demo: if there is, it can be submitted along with the project

    6. Business Model: Briefly introduce which operation model, profit model, and development plan to be adopted

    7. Team Introduction: Basic introduction of the project leader and core members of the project; company / team structure; working partners, etc

    8. Declaration of originality of the project: promise to submit the originality and authenticity of the plan and the results, if the resulting intellectual property disputes are borne by the participants themselves

    • b. Format
    1. [Required] The project plan should be submitted in PDF or PPT format, and the file size should be within 100MB;

    2. [Optional] In order to better explain the plan, the participating teams can provide products, DEMO, video, pictures, etc. as supplements;

    3. If there are multiple files, please compress and submit as a zip file;

    • c. Deadline for submission of works

    The deadline for submission of entries for the preliminary round is 17:00 on August 12 (August 13-August 20 is the period for judging the works), and the list of finalists will be announced at 10:00 on August 21.


    ◆ Product Demo (modules, functional prototypes, small batch products, formal products are acceptable)

    ◆ Instruction Document (Document Title team name + product name )

    1. Overview: an overall introduction of the product;

    2. Scheme Description: tools used, technical scheme, method, necessary configuration operation instructions, dependence on equipment, etc .;

    3. Detailed Introduction: introduction of each function and its realization method;

    4. Test Result: explain the performance of the demo in the reality;

    5. Project Originality Statement: Participants should promise the originality and authenticity for their products and plans, the resulting intellectual property disputes shall be borne by the participants themselves

    • Final

    ◆ On-site demonstration of the physical objects, functional prototypes, small batch products and formal products are acceptable. (Optional)

    ◆Slides (required to cover the following content, in any order)

    1. Project Background;

    2. Function Overview;

    3. Technical Solutions;

    4. Business Model / Market Strategy;

    5. Application Scenerios

    6. Team Introduction;

    7. Others (product highlights, etc.)

    Award Setting

    • Challengers who enter the Semi-Final will get -
    1. Challenge Certificate for Semi-Final

    2. Custom T-shirt

    3. Exclusive souvenirs

    • Challengers who enter the Final will get -
    1. Bonuses (the finalists will receive cash rewards of 30,000 RMB, 20,000 RMB, and 10,000 RMB according to the ranking.

    2. Challenge Certificate for Final

    3. Green Channel to iFLYTEK Incubator

    4. Free Entry to iFLYTEK AI Service Market

    • Winners in the Final will get -
    1. Three teams that won the final will receive cash rewards of 80,000 RMB, 50,000 RMB, and 30,000 RMB according to their ranking.

    2. Invitation Letter to 1024 Global Developers Festival Awards Ceremony; Award Certificates and Trophies

    3. A.I. Startups Support

    4. 1024 Developer Day Pass

    5. Job Offer from iFLYTEK

    Individual award setting

    The competition will offer five separate awards, namely "Intelligent Creativity Award", "Business Value Award", "Market Potential Award", "Technology Application Award" and "Social Welfare Award", with a bonus of 10,000 RMB each.

  • FAQ

    What does the source file refer to?

    ————Technical realization proof materials (not limited to code, installation package, executable file, configuration instructions, etc.)

    Is it acceptable to submit the projects before the preliminary and semi-final competitions?

    ————Yes, but participants should make your project complete and clear before you submit it;

    Where I can get speech technology support?

    ————Please visit our website (http://global.xfyun.cn/)