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The recognition accuracy is over 97% for Mandarin.

Continuous training and optimization for better recognition result.

Business, Music Playing, Video Playing, etc. supported.

Multiple interfaces and easy-to-use APIs.

Application Scenarios
  • Social and Chatting
    By sending audio message, we transcribe it into text and communication becomes more accurate and convenient.
  • Games and Recreation
    Speech is converted into text, allowing users to see the content while operating.
  • Voice Search
    Search content is derectly input by voice, making it more efficient.
Our Clients
  • FREE

    The length of input audio is limited to 60 seconds per call.


    • Language: Mandarin
    • Specific-Context recognition
  • Premium Plan

    Offers higher level of security and extra features to help customers with special requirements.

    Additional supports:

    • Language: 24 Chineses dialects,British
    • English, American English
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