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High Recognition Accuracy

The recognition accuracy is over 97% for Chinese Mandarin and over 90% for English.

Multi Languages/Dialects Support

12 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean,Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Arabian and Bulgarian are supported. At the same time, we also provide recognition of various dialects in China including Cantonese, Henan dialect, Sichuan dialect and more!

Various Industries Coverage

Based on continuous training and optimization of models, customized recognition for certain industries like Business, Music Playing, and Video Playing are supported.

Novel Self-learning Platform

It allows you to specify hotwords, and upload business-related data to build specific models for better recognition accuracy.

Application Scenarios
  • Social Network
    By converting short audio messages (< 1 min.) to texts, communication on social network becomes more accurate and convenient.
  • Games and Recreation
    Audio files coverted into text messages in games greatly improved users' experience while operating.
  • Voice Search
    ASR allows users to easily and efficiently search the web and access GPS navigation or other services with just their voice.
Our Clients
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