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The challenge is to seek all developers, startups, researchers and students to tap on to AI capabilities available on iFLYTEK Open Platform to design better and more innovative solutions for the following industries. The choice of topic/industry will have no impact on your results.

Focus on the following industries but not limited to:
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Social Media
  • Caregiving
  • Energy
  • Environment protection
  • Logistics
  • Dec 16
  • Dec 16 - Jan 24
  • Dec 25 - Jan 29
  • Jan 29
  • Feb 2nd
  • Official registration & challenge commence
  • Challenge & submission period
  • Review and evaluation of submissions
  • Announcement of finalists for 2 categories
  • Live sharing and interview feature at major conference event
AI Capabilities To Tap On
Machine Translation

Description: Add multi-language text translation to your apps, website and tools.

Free Service Calls: 1, 000, 000

Supporting Languages: Translation between Chinese and English,Japanese, Korean,Thai, Hindi, Russian,Vietamese,Cantonese, etc.

Online ASR ( Automatic Speech Recognition)

Description: Converts short audio (< 1 min.) to text, empowering your apps/websites to "listen" .

Free Service Calls: 200, 000

Supporting Languages: Chinese,English, Malay, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietamese, Thai,Bulgarian, etc.

Online TTS ( Text to Speech)

Coverts text into human voice, allowing your website & apps to "speak".

Free Service Calls: 200, 000

Supporting Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Arabian, Urdo, Hindi, Vietamese, Thai, Malay, Hokkien , Japanese , Russian , etc.

Pronunciation Assessment

Test your pronunciation in Mandarin and English covering dimensions of fluency, accuracy and integrity.

Free Service Calls: 200, 000

Supporting Languages: Chinese & English


Award Certificates and Activation Credits (Service Call)

Chance of commercializing the project with iFLYTEK or iFLYTEK’s partner(s)

Connection & exposure to iFLYTEK’s AI ecosystem including open platform and otherbusiness units

Potential recruitment to iFLYTEK’s various programmes such as accelerator etc

Feature interview with TechNode Global for finalists

Online media coverage on finalists via iFLYTEK social network ( LinkedIn, Facebook, WeChat)

Live demo showcase at BEYOND Conference 2021 for finalists


Chance to be crowned the iFLYTEK Open Platform student ambassador

Direct track to 2021 iFLYTEK AI Developer Competition


Live interview and sharing/pitching at 2021 iFLYTEK Developer Competition Semi-finals

Special feature on iFLYTEK Open Platform (AI Developer Challenge) website

Potential financial investment from iFLYTEK

(30%) Concept & Innovation

Innovation is born out of creativity that bridges existing problem gaps. Your project and concept weighs 30% in this challenge. Be it charting new paths for smart cities or helping to solve a pain point in existing systems. As long as the idea has a potential market be it large or niche, and solves a problem, we are happy to have you amaze us.

(40%) Number of Service Call Activated

This technical portion holds a heavy weight as it showcases the activity and usability of your concept. Simple - the more service call activated, the higher the activity, the better the score. This shows us that your concept and idea has a demand!

(10%) Number of Varieties of AI Service Activated

Services available:

  • Machine Translation
  • Online ASR
  • Online TTS
  • Pronunciation Assessment

If your idea only requires 1 type of AI service, it’s fine. If it requires all 4, the more the merrier. This criteria goes hand in hand with criteria 2. We will assess the volume of activations and par it with the variety of services you work with. For eg. If your project uses 1 service but draws in a high volume of activation, you will earn a higher score than using 2/3/4 services with low volume.

(20%) Sharing of iFLYHACK Challenge to Your Social Network

This is a give-away. As an organization crazy over Artificial Intelligence and committed to grooming the future talent pool of AI enthusiasts, we thought that it would be great if you can help share about this challenge to your network and invite more like-minded champions like yourself to pick it up and contribute to the greater good. Here’s how you can get the 20%.

Follow our Social Media accounts and forward our pinned post to your communities. You are required to screenshot your post and tag iFLYTEK’s social media pages(Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) to qualify for this criteria.

*Each sharing on your personal social media platform will earn you 5%.

*The maximum is 20% = 4 post.

*The limit of post per week is once only on both social media pages.

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Product Information: Automobile voice command system

Application Scenario: Automobile

Applied Al capabilities: Online, online Trs, Voice Wakeup, AIUI human-computer interaction (Semantic Understanding)

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