{ Why iFLYTEK }
Natural voice experience
Customizable and Applicable
By adopting the state-of-art technology, speech is generated with performance better than human pronunciation.
{ Features }
Easy-to-use API
Multiple languages and customizable speakers
Cost few resources
iFLYTEK enables developers to convert audio to text in an easy-to-use API.
{ Application Scenarios }

By sending audio message, we transcribe it into text and communication becomes more accurate and convenient.

Speech is converted into text, allowing users to see the content while operating.

{ Pricing }
Basic On-Line Voice Fonts
Premium Plan
The length of input Chineses words is limited into 4096 words per call.
• Language: Mandarin with 7 dialets, American English, French, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Vietnamese
• Public Cloud Based
{ Our Clients }
{ Developer Resources }